School Council

At Little Reddings, we are proud to have pupil representatives from each class who participate in School Council meetings. This gives our pupils a collective voice which is taken into consideration with respect to decisions made by the leadership of the school which directly affect them. Pupils at Little Reddings know that this is their school and that their thoughts and ideas about how it is run are valued.

School Council officials are nominated – and then voted for -by their classmates on a termly basis. Meetings take place on a fortnightly basis – the school councillors having determined the agenda.

The Chairperson (usually a Year Six pupil nominated by their peers)will lead the meetings. The Chairperson will raise the first item on the agenda and invite the person who wrote it to explain their point of view. The Chairperson will then invite the rest of the children to discuss the matter and reach some sort of resolution.

The Secretary then makes a note of what has been decided in the minutes.

Minutes from these meetings are forwarded to the Headteacher for action where appropriate.