Music Lessons

At Little Reddings we believe every child is a musician and we help children develop their musicianship through high quality musical experiences in school. All children have weekly music lessons, either with their class teacher or with our specialist music teacher Ms. Fort. In Key Stage 2, all children will have the opportunity to learn an instrument such as the recorder or ukulele. In addition to this we have visiting piano and guitar tutors who provide one-to-one tuition and a visiting tutor from Rocksteady Music School who teaches drum kit, keyboard, electric guitar and bass. Many children participate in our school choir and perform in school, at local events and in the Hertfordshire Gala Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. We enjoy singing and share our love of music in whole-school celebrations such as Christmas and end-of-term performances.

Hertfordshire Music Service
To book individual/small group instrument lessons during school time please visit