Governing Body - General Information and Sub-Committees

The Bushey St James Executive Trust Board oversees the management and monitoring of these key areas of the school’s activities:

  • Targets and Monitoring
  • Staffing
  • Finance
  • Key Policies including Admissions
  • Premises Health, Safety and Insurance
  • Governance

The Trust Board meets at least three times in a school year and holds an annual AGM which confirms Trustees, approves accounts and appoints auditors.

The Little Reddings Primary School Governing Body has responsibility for the governance of the school, meeting at least three times in a school year, and delegates responsibility for the management of the school as follows to its committees:

Summary of the Committees of the Little Reddings Primary School Governing Body

The Appeals Committee considers all appeals in relation to staff pay, staff disciplinary issues, parental complaints and staff grievances.

The Pay Review Committee reviews the pay of all staff on the Senior Leadership Team and Upper Pay Spine, and those recommended for double increment rises, and also review the pay of the Executive Principal.

 The Staff Disciplinary Committee considers all matters in relation to staff disciplinary issues.

 The Complaints and Grievance Committee considers all appeals in relation to parental complaints and staff grievances.

The Teaching and Learning Committee reviews the school’s curricular and extra-curricular provision, lesson observations, teacher appraisals and staff development, and reviews all policies in relation to these areas. Terms of Reference

 The Pupil Progress Committee reviews student progression and achievement across the school, analyses progression data, and reviews all policies in relation to these areas including those addressing safeguarding and child protection. Terms of Reference

 The Finance and Resources Committee monitors and reviews budgets, benchmarking, fundraising, lettings and site updates, staff contracts, support staff, and all policies in relation to these areas including carrying out an Annual Review of Complaints. Terms of Reference

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List of Governors 2018-2019

Little Reddings Primary School


As at September 2018 (Academic Year 2018/2019)

List of Governors Expiry of Term of Office Committee


Parent Governors (3)
Olivia De Groot 25th February 2022 Teaching & Learning


Staff Governors (2)
Carly Rissen (Headteacher) All
Susan Wyborn 31th January 2020 Pupil Progress


Co-opted Governors (5)
Amanda Measures 13th September 2022 Pupil Progress
Sandra Mercado 31st August 2019 Teaching & Learning
Vanessa O’Donnell 28th January 2019 BSJT Finance & Resources
Fikile Mkoyana 3rd May 2021 Teaching & Learning
Wayne Larman 30th October 2020 BSJT Finance & Resources


Associate Governors (1)
Jeremy Turner 31 August 2019 All


Chair of Governors
Vanessa O’Donnell


Vice Chair of Governors
Sandra Mercado


Clerk to the Governors
Suzanne Briscall
Governors' Own Log In Page
Governor Attendance 2017-2018

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LRS Governing Body Term of Office and Committee Structure 2018-19


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Dec 9 all-day

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