French Learning in Year 5 – Horowitz & Pullman

Autumn term – Language content

Numbers 1-50

Qu’est-ce que c’est? C’est un..
Masculine animal nouns
Feminine animal nouns
Colour adjectives in masculine and feminine forms

Week commencing 21/10/19 – Time to Present

Give pupils the chance to share their stories. Record some stories being read. This can be sent to Mrs Samuels.

Week commencing 07/10/19 and 14/10/19 – A New Story

Recap the learning from the past few weeks.

Print the story for pupils. It is saved on the Google Drive in the French folder. Please see Mrs Samuels for a copy of the book. Explain that today they will be writing their own version of the story. This will take more than one lesson. They will use the the sentences that they have been writing over the last few weeks to change the story. There is an example below.

Pupils need to change the animal and add in the colour.

E.g. Donc, on m’a envoyé un félin marron.

If pupils finish, they can illustrate their stories.

Week commencing 30/09/19 – Les animaux

Explain to children that today they are going to be describing animals in terms of colours.

Look at the chart below. It shows how to change the spellings of a colour depending on whether the noun in masculine or feminine.

E.g. un serpent bleu / une chouette marron

If words take ‘un,’ they are masculine.

If words take ‘une’ they are feminine.

Children need to use their lists of animals that they produced last week so generate sentences describing animals in terms of colours.

If they want to use more than one colour, they can use ‘et.’ This means ‘and.’

Week commencing – 16/09/19 and 23/09/19 – Les animaux

Recap numbers to start the lesson.

Watch the video below. It is a video of somebody reading a book called ‘Cher Zoo’ in French.

Talk about the what is happening in the story.

Pupils needs to prepare the grid below in their books.

Remind pupils that nouns are either masculine or feminine in French. If a noun starts with ‘un’, it is masculine. If a noun starts with ‘une,’ it is feminine.

Learn the animals above. Pupils to write these words in their book under the subheading masculine nouns.

Explore the link below.

Pupils need to add the different animals to their grid. Some animals have already been mentioned in the video. There is pronunciation support on this link.

Week commencing – 09/09/19

Learn the numbers using this site:

Learn the songs below. Try to look at these regularly.