French Learning in Year 3 – Williams & Dahl

Autumn term – Language content

Numbers 1-20 / Greetings
Feelings – questions / answers
Colours-recognition / Classroom commands / Christmas vocabulary
Using “here is / and”

Week commencing 14/10/19 – Time to present

Recap numbers and greetings as a starter to the lesson.

Explain to pupils that they are going to present their family to the class. This can be recorded for Mrs Samuels.

Week commencing 07/10/19

Recap numbers and greetings as a starter to the lesson.

Complete family trees.

Week commencing 30/09/19 – Voici

Recap colours using the video book below.

Numbers and emotions are another good topic to recap at the start of the lesson.

Explain to pupils that today they are going to lean how to say ‘here is..’ in French.


Explain to pupils that they are going to do this using family vocabulary. For example, ‘voici mon père.’

Begin by introducing the vocabulary below:

Pupils will have a go at creating their own family tree to present to the class. For less able pupils, print the different French nouns. Be creative with how you present the family trees.

At the end of the lesson, ask pupils if they can recall what ‘voici…’ means.

Week commencing 23/09/19 – Les couleurs

Recap numbers and feelings. You could the emotion faces pupils made.

Look at the colours below.

Learn the song below. Pupil should do the Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes actions to help them recall the words.

Record pupils singing this song for Mrs Samuels

Week commencing 16/09/19 – Ça va?

Continue revising numbers at the start of each lesson.

Review basic emotions in French.

  1. Create the emotion faces below.
  2. You need 3 lolly sticks per child.
  3. Pupils to write the key question and response on the back of the face. For BAR pupils, print the labels and faces above.

Pupils can keep these in their trays and they can be used at the start of a lesson.

Go through the role play below. Pupils to have a go in pairs. Record some conversations as audios for Mrs Samuels.

Week commencing 09/09/19 – Numbers 1-20

Design a page in your book with graffiti numbers and label them in French.

Time to play bingo with numbers 1-20 in French. Draw a bingo grid into your books.